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The Stock Market

Are you a Warren Buffet inspired by Benjamin Graham?

Maybe you are George Sorros and one day you wake up and your back is hurting so you decide to sell your shares just before the market


Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad” makes a very small but significant point regarding reading one article per week. This starts the process of your mind beginning to absorb information. You will find that as you start doing this on a regular basis your brain starts to crave more information as it develops and grows. Shares as an investment vehicle have given the best return on average over the last 20 years. The down side to this area is it is more volatile than property. I advise you seek as much information in this area as possible.


bullbearings.co.uk – Use this web site to put your learnings into practice but you don’t waste a penny. Practice makes perfect! There are many other websites

seckertrading.co.uk – Claims to be the best school to learn trading! Win investing – Improving in the service that they offer. A more comprehensive overview will be placed in the news section. Use this as a guide in terms of what you ar looking for.

Marcus de maria has the most simplistic trading formula which can return a minimum of 10% per month. We have people who have used his strategy’s and are making over 100%!


Warren Buffet – Any of his books will give you an insight into opposite strategies. You will need to understand what a competitive durable advantage is. It is a great foundation to understanding what to look for in terms of company fundamentals.


1. Decided what sort of trader suits you or you want to be – Technical/Fundamental – You also now have a choice of spread betting as well as normal share trading.

2. Keep a