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The most common form of millionaire making over the last 20/30 years. Put simply the banks will always lend money for bricks and mortar. The words “put your money where it is safe” is why banks are prepared to lend you so much. (Read the latest property information in the news area of this site)


What is your strategy in the purchase of a property. A common strategy over the last five years is buy 20% below market value, and look to gain passive income. Many people have use this formula as a basis to buy. This will change depending on the economic climate. You can easily find out the average price of property in areas just by logging onto www.rightmove.com or www.nethouseprices.com

In addition there are more and better sites appearing on a regular basis. In the future we will compile a list of the best sites to make life easier for you!

As this area has advanced, people are finding more and more creative ways and new methods to acquire property. There are opportunities to by off plan. No money down deals etc. The key thing again to remember is to pick your strategy. The network clubs that have arisen over the last 5-10 years will allow you to talk & learn from the best people.


Here are some web sites and that will allow you to get started. These are in no particular order.

SPLA – Regular property meetings usually taking place in Selfridges W1. This is a great opportunity to get in touch with like minded people. www.spla.co.uk
We would highly recommend joining the pin network run by Simon Zushi. He is the author of Property Magic and the recent “the death of property” report on this site.www.propertyinvestorsnetwork.co.uk


The internet is your best tool, as always your first action point is to do a search on the web and look for depending on what strategy you decide regeneration areas as an example. This will allow you to pin point areas you may feel safer with. But please remember that there are bargains all over the country. There is always someone who is in trouble or wants to emigrate or split from a family home. Circumstances of people give the best opportunities!

What is your strategy? I.E Capital growth or Passive income
Create a list of key factors that will influence your buy such as Adequate Transport to and from area of purchase to city centres, or important locations.  The list created here is very important as it will be key to your buying strategy.
Start viewing, searching websites for property. Visit some auctions to gain more knowledge. Learn to be comfortable enough to talk to anyone. Long term you could be talking to developers! Log on to the news section to view an article that features a BMV deal (Below market Value).