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They say you can never really be rich unless you own a business and you are your own boss. Most millionaires and billionaires come out of this quadrant (As defined In Rich Dad Poor Dad). The top people in this quadrant are now house hold names. If I mentioned the names Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Michael Dell, and Donald Trump, most people will have a good idea about who I am talking about.

A lot of these great entrepreneurs have lost and made millions over night. It’s the most dangerous area because you are not always guaranteed a regular income when you start. The fear of  the lack of security will stop the majority of from venturing towards this quadrant.  But the rewards are far greater, its important to understand that the reason only a few people become entrepreneurs, is due to a mind set problem created by the way we are taught in school!

Phill Knight CEO of Nike walked into Onitsuka Tigers (Asics) offices in Asia in 1962 without a real plan and no company; he secured a deal to sell Tiger shoes in the US. By 1972 Nike was born and the deal with Tiger had finished. Did he know what he was doing? Or did he fake it to make it as Tony Robbins talks about? His passion was running, at best he was an average runner at the University of Oregon. But his passion turned into a multi billion dollar business initially just selling footwear.

The swoosh logo with the MacDonald’s arches and the coca cola logo, have become some of the top recognised logos in the globe! MacDonald’s do not class themselves as a company selling burgers. If you ask them what they do? They claim to be the biggest real estate company in the world. Why? They have a MacDonald’s franchise in every major country and city in the world. Is this creative thinking?

Not bad for a company who purchased the idea, from two guys who had no vision to take a great idea further. You now need 500,000 gbp to own a MacDonald’s franchise, and for this you don’t own the property…In the words of the current marketing campaign. I would say they are loving it!

The economic climate is changing so fast with many people being made redundant. Are you going to be the next Nike or MacDonald’s? There has never been a better chance to think big and turn disappointment into something great.

Millionaires and entrepreneurs are becoming younger and younger as predicted in many books, and by the likes of Robert Kiyosaki. Look at the CEO’s
of Google and facebook as an example! All the richest people in the world own there own business, don’t be inspired by greatness, go out and Just Do It.

We will be exploring what to do, and how to do it. We want people to know they are great and break into the area of the top 5% in the world. Although not easy, you have more chance of being rich if you create a successful business, than if you worked as an employee within a company. The top earners that work within a company only make up 2% of the worlds rich list!